Why wait for bad debts when it's better to control your cash flow day to day... 

We are Office Genius, your outsourced credit control department. It's our job to ensure that cash flows into your business when it should and not when it's too late. 
Businesses come under pressure every day as they have to cope with everything from finding clients, managing people, quoting and delivering work, and much more.  
But, seemingly successful businesses fail...why? Well the top reason is poor cash flow. In fact 82% of businesses that fail cite this as the main reason for failure. 
You would think that cash flow would be a high priority in any business but to stay ahead of the competition businesses focus on the "front end", winning business and developing the brand and only later do they focus on the cash....sometimes too late.  
This needs to change which is why we launched Office Genius allowing you to focus on winning business and delivering services while we focus on ensuring you don't become one of the 82%. 
Do you already have a large debtor list? Do you want to make sure that you keep on top of cash flow? Do you have a credit control department that needs additional help?  
Call us now on 07305 411005 or email enquiries@officegenius.co.uk for an initial discussion to hear how we can help your business succeed. 
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